A marathon is 26.2 miles, which equates to 104.8 laps around a running
track.  The first runners for each team will start the race in a mass
waterfall start at the end of the first turn (beginning of back
straight), they will run to the finish line (352 yards) and continue
around the track, once the reach the home straight for the second time
they can pass the baton to the second runner on their team as 80 yards
of the home straight is the baton passing zone. The second runner will
run one lap and pass the baton to the next runner. This will continue
until the team has completed 104 laps.

Whooz the Fastest has engaged Race Result, the premier race tracking
company to provide timing for this event. Each team will be issued a
baton which is imbedded with an RFID chip. A timing mat will be located
at the finish line and laps will be tallied electronically. Team lap
counts can be tracked in real time online at Raceresults.com

Team can suggest competitive categories and as long as we feel another
team could reasonably enter the category we’ll add it.
Some examples-
Fastest Restaurant workers - ok
Fastest Mexican Restaurant workers - ok
Fastest workers at Joe’s Mexican cafe- not ok
Fastest Engineers- ok
Fastest Qualcomm Engineers - ok (as Qualcomm has lots of Engineers)

Team can enter as many categories as they are eligible.
For example - A team comprised on 40+ year old male Federal Fire
fighters could enter -
Open men, over 40 men, Firefighters, federal employees, Federal
Firefighters and First Responders

Just write us at Racedirector@Whoozthefastest.com

One team baton (RFID tracked), one coach’s bib (this will allow one
coach on to the field)  In addition you’ll receive a custom video
featuring action photos of your team on the track.

Access to the vendor expo, free snack bar, one unique bib, free pizza
and either a participation medal or a winners medal. In addition you’ll
receive a custom video featuring action photos of you on the track. 
Further, you’ll receive a custom video featuring action photos of your
team on the track.

Access to the vendor expo, free snack bar, and free pizza.

Whooz the Fastest has engaged Finisherpix. Finisherpix will provide a
professional photographer and will set up stationary cameras around the
track that will capture you and your teammates in action. After the race
they’ll use  state the art software  featuring optical character
recognition and facial recognition (you’ll need to upload a selfie) to
identify all the photos taken if you during the day. We’ll take those
photos of you and place them into the individual and team videos. In
addition, you’ll have access to all the database containing all the
photos taken of you on race day for 90 days after the race.

Yes, it’s free! In the morning will have coffee, juice, fruit and snack
bars. Once the race starts we’ll have candy, chips, soft drinks and
more. As the race concludes well serve pizza auto all runners, coaches
and spectators.

Our stadium announcer will highlight individual runners as they run
laps, so be sure to complete the questionnaire during registration. In
addition we’ll have music and standup comedy acts during to race.

2 hours and 40 minutes, that equates to approximately 90 seconds per lap

We’re open to add most charities, just write us at

At Whooz the Fastest we have three guiding principles-

Have Fun- Go Forward- Do Good

Have Fun- Life is short and uncertain and meant to be enjoyed daily.
Go Forward- Each of us should be moving towards our goals
Do Good- We should help others

By promoting this event we’re able to achieve those three principles.

Run for Good….